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Storm Air Floor - Custom Individual Strip

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Want to purchase an air floor for your athlete to use at Home?  We have just the item.   They come 6 sizes!  Just pick your size and add it to your cart.  Each air floor is 8 inches thick and 6 and a half feet wide and comes with a Blower.  Plus your Programs Logo is featured on the center of the air floor. 

To purchase you have until May 15th!  Its easy -  Just select your size and add it to the cart.  Go to the cart and check out.  All Air Floors will be shipped to the gym approx 6-8 weeks after the close of this sale. 

Shipping & Returns

All items will be shipped to your Gym. There are no returns once the order has been placed

Care Instructions

Each Air Floor can be washed with simply soap and water and can air dry